Vernon Garrett.. Tells us his story.

Vernon Garrett, formerly known as #Voltron the Destroyer (Ca$hClique), is back and far greater than he’s ever been! The former Greenville Grammy’s Cypher winner is revamped and recharged with his new releases #Hallelujah and #MVP.

#Hallelujah outlines the trials and tribulations faced by the Philadelphia native over the past year or so, from his criminal charges in North Carolina to his personal conversations and relationship with God. From 2017-2018, he faced several felony cases including multiple drug distribution charges and an assortment of other criminal allegations that he acknowledges God for bringing him through. #Hallelujah dives into the very heart of Vernon’s life and recent experiences and is already garnering mass appeal just days after it’s release. #MVP, which released on Aug 30th and was originally recorded in the midst of Vernon’s court cases, is a straight up club banger!

One that the ladies and sports fans alike can appreciate. Vernon has been equally, if not more so, involved in civil and human rights activism as he has always believed that his purpose is in tuned with leading his people while utilizing the platform of music for appeal to the culture. One thing for sure, #theDestroyer is back and it looks like he’s brought #theBuilder with him! New name, new purpose and plenty of new music, the artist is definitely IN HIS BAG RIGHT NOW! Follow Vernon and his journey on IG ( and twitter (@VoltronDigital.. #staytuned

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