Cruzer in the house!!

Im excited to present you with the homie Cruzer Urameshi

My name is Cruzer Urameshi & I’m a music producer from Columbus,Ga. Ive been making beats since the age of 17 & been having one incredible career. This year alone I’ve had 3 projects dropped How To Maintain, Rocket Power, & Melodies which all have been successful. I’m currently working on 2 Projects one called Living Lavishly which is dropping soon & The other which is my Own Producer Called Cruz Control. I’ve worked with a good amount of artists including Rob Vicious & Foster From Shoreline Mafia, Oppo from Maxx Deff, BennyCosmic & many more. Currently out in the Pacific NorthWest & always looking for people To work with. My Twitter & IG are both @Cruzer3x

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