Foorson speaks on his music and unreleased song Solina

So basically You know that im from Europe and I create everything myself: making beats, writing lyrics, recording in my home studio, I do graphics etc etc. Europe is different than states (I was never in states but I have a feel) so my music is different since I do everything myself I put originality and my own vibes into my music. New song im working on (it’s taking some time because first I had to create a beat for it) now im doing the rest.

and how can I describe my new song. Well…it’s hard for me to explain it but it’s that dark, miami 80’s vibe to it you know and I will leave the interpretation for the listeners because everybody can interpretate and feel the song differently.

the topic of the song is mostly like a view from my own eyes. Im on miami boulevard in my white toyota thinking about my life, Losing myself in my mind, thoughts and life thinking about that many people fucked me over and that they are fake as fuck (not all of them but most that I know) that nobody really gets me and my vision, that there are more obstacles on the way that I can imagine but Im still going and I will because I believe God put us here for a reason and You need to find out why and what are Your talents (most people don’t see that though)

snapchat: foorson

aso recently I released my music on spotify, itunes, apple music, amazon etc etc so here are couple links :




google play:


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