A few minutes with Brian Downey

Imani news was able to get a few questions in with Brian Downey one of the main actors in science fiction show Lexx that also includes stars Xenia Seeberg and Micheal McManus

Lexx even had appearances from lengendary actor Tim Curry..

When our team was able to talk to Brian also known as Stanley Tweedle we had alot of questions like

Imani *what was your favorite episode of lexx?

Brian*My favorite episode was the prime ridge episode

me michael and Xenia both had a great time on the set of season 4

Imani*how it does it feel to have inspired so many people in your role

Brian*It actually amazed that so many lexx fans were inspired by all of the episodes and made them into fanfiction and people doing cosplays of either stan xev or kai

Have you read any of the fanfiction?

oh yeah they are very good

Imani* Is there any other works that you have been involved in before or since?

Brian* i played a role as Mr. Dean in a show called millennium and played Drake in hobo with a shotgun.

I also played a character named Sonny in trailer park boys

I found this interview also

Imani’s message to the the cast and crew of lexx..

This show is very legendary and it’s has been a privilege to see you guys everything felt so real and believable making lexx my all time favorite show . And I’d like to thank Brian Downey very much for his time.. follow him @thebriandowney on Instagram

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