1shot spitune

Rapping before social media. Once I caught on the digital mix, my team created a Hip Hop podcasts in 2011. At that time, running a 24 hour studio with Million Dolla Manny, partner and engineer we learned a lot the hard way. I had experiences of freestyling with Inspectah Deck, rocking the stage before Nitti Scott performed. I didn’t necessarily open up for her, but the timing was right. I’ve met many other important Hip Hop figures, never had a record deal or big break, as yet. Everything has been off the muscle and grace of God. I manage an entertainment blog, which shines plenty light on the underground rap scene. Currently I juggle albums, write-ups, and a graphic novel of mine.

I orginiate from Queens, NY. I live in Lake Worth, FL. I’ve lived back and forth growing up, while being cultured in a Jamaican household. So, you could sorta see why I’m not typical.

Cognac Thoughts – Ft Killy Shoot
Chase It (Produced By Paper Fall Bros)
Street Ball – Ft Tripz 456
Street Ball Video
Walker Smith (Produced By Fat Sound Records)
I also have a website rhymeallnight.com
Thanks for any all support, bless up!

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