It’s Bishop

My name is Jason Bishop aka Bishop or XxXn.e.s (Never evolved soul). I do a range of different kinds of music.
I am just breaking out of my shell and really giving it all I got, finding my sound and building my brand. I am confident in my abilities,
and look forward to the future and gaining at least financial independence making music or better yet making a dream, true reality.
I come from Seattle washington, where I was born and raised. I love the pacific northwest and have made a career of working in the legal
and medical cannabis fields. I started to make music 5 years ago after a break up, and taught myself how to record and mix. I have always
considered myself a great writer and I love the way that words can create emotion instantly. With the right sentence or paragragh, I can
make you cry, laugh, or rebelieve in love. My music is aimed at the pop and rap to gain my following, and I label myself an “Emo rapper”
but I am an activist and seek to make positive change in the world with gaining a platform. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy my art!
Best wishes!

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