“Wu-Tang part 2? Upstate NY #1 Hip Hop Group taking over the scene”

Big Pasc

Big Nate MG

J.R Lottary

We’re upstate NY’s #1 Hip Hop group.. we all have individual projects out, Wigs, J.R. Lottary and Big Nate MG (me)all have albums on itunes, apple music, amazon music, spotify etc.. the other 3, O.E., Big Pasc, and Kanna are workin on their first projects but featured on a bunch of music… WE WILL BE the new Hip Hop wave

Larry Legend Cyher

Galaxy Feat. Raw Breed

Never Have




Though we respect all artist and their music, the new version of hip hop with drug usin glorification, and the lack of content over a dope beat has flooded the mainstream and in our opinion ruined hip hip, sure it’s fun to listen to when turnin up, but we are gearing to change the lack of content on dope 808 beats.. not that we sound like them but we compare to Wu-Tang in the sense of our group dynamic.. NWA in the way we want to influence rap back to reality rap but not just guns and violence.. I feel pages on IG like World Star and hip hop viral pages show only niggas with guns, mask, dope and some girl shakin her ass.. there is way more to hip hop than that.. also there is more to life of poverty and struggle than violence..

Badd Tings

All lives don’t matter

IG @therealrawbreed

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