Cruzer has an announcement to make

This is an exclusive breaking news brought to your here first by Imani News. Super Producers Cruzer Urameshi & Justin Jagoon are working on a collaboration tape called Judgment.Justin Jagoon is an extremely talented producer coming from the U.K with a very unique & distinctive sound like no one out there.Justin will be working alongside Super Producer Cruzer Urameshi.For those of you who dont know who Cruzer a few of his credits includeShoreLine Mafia, CheckThestar, BL Foster, & many more under his belt.These 2 incredible producers are prepping up the first release beat off of their project called “Rosel Basket”.With the incredible & beautifully design cover art for the single the beat will defintely match the design. The two producers are going to be displaying their collaborative joints all over their joint project Judgement which will be releasing later in the summer of 2019.Expect many more good things to come out them because this only the beginning for the both of them.If you’d like to stay updated & follow both of these producers their instagram & Twitter are @Cruzer3x & @JustinJagoon

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