Tr!ple Se7ven

Artist Bio: TR!PLE|SE7EN, a Colorado born and raised DJ and Producer who brings a variety of genres to the table. With a unique fusion of styles his music is sure to please any crowd from Hip-Hop, EDM, to even Dark Industrial sounds. Growing up in the underground music scene TR!PLE|SE7EN has a unique perspective…almost “anti mainstream” approach to music. Influences from artist such as Prince, Mike Shinoda (Linkin Park), Pharrell Williams, and J-Dilla, TR!PLE|SE7EN seeks to unify the masses and close the gap between genres. TRIPLE|SE7EN is the founder of

7MUSICRecords, a collective of international artist of multiple styles and sounds. He is looking into 2019 and beyond to change music as we know it. Will he succeed? When tuning into TR!PLE}SE7EN’s music be prepared to partake in a musical journey of the mind unlike any other. Currently residing in London TRIPLE}SE7EN is taking on the world from his DJing, to music production…TRIPLE|SE7EN is becoming force to be reckoned with.

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