A moment with NollieJGnarly


Listen to Rainstorms [prod. Speaker Bangerz] by NollieJGnarly on #SoundCloud

“I got to listen to NollieJGnarly and I’m like man this kid is original and has alot of potential”


Listen to Goodbye, Goodnight by NollieJGnarly on #SoundCloud

Early on you can notice all the roots in his music definitely a artist I will continue to listen to after the interview

‘I just got my own style, my whole life people have been trying to tell me who to be or what I need to be and it took me awhile to be able to find myself. I found myself in the music. Call it punk, call a emo, call it what you want, but no matter what you can’t recreate it because it’s my essence and what makes me. I never had to lie to my fans, pretend to be something I’m not, because they’re tired of the lies, rules and judgement and tbh so am I”
Quote from NollieJGnarly

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