Gloomy Xay

I interviewed Gloomy Xay and he gave me a short bio

I’m just a punk kid doing what I love.. Tryna speak my message and hoping people love what I have to say.. I was born in Oregon grew up in Massachusetts was in foster care most of my life and that’s one of the reasons I hurt so Bad n shit. 💔

I also asked Xay

Hmmm like who are you inspired by and what do you plan to accomplish. Like I honestly know this shit is a way of life. I been in music like 20 yrs. We used to chill at the skate park and plot dreams

I was inspired by my brother biggie smalls and dream is to be on hip hop billboard by 25 I really wanna see a million views

Here is Gloomy Xay performing live

@GloomyXay is his insta Perseus Abysmal on facebook

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