Run it up Jeice

I go by Jeice. Originally from New Orleans but moved to Va due to hurricane Katrina. Ive always been into music playing drums in elementary and middle school. But when i moved out to VA I was stayin in an apartment so i picked up guitar and rapping with some homies from school. Im currently in 2 bands. False Cape and Dream. But I just recently started taking my solo stuff serious.

My homie Kerrick and I started $ovaCaine together. He does painting and art like that he’s dope as fuck too. Then we added Zora and Nollie. Definitely looking to expand the brand. Basically you just gotta be a dope artist to me and the homies gotta fuck with you and you’re in. False Cape, Dream.wav, Beth Turner, and hjkl are a few others that are $ovaCaine. It’s a dope collective.

Jeice just released a music video

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