Chilling with Ecchigod

Listen to Neptune Slut (Prod. Go get the roach) by ✨Ecchigodエッチ神✨ on #SoundCloud

I see myself as Ecchigod (also reffered to as Anith Senpai); a very versatile based artist that specializes in Vaporpunk, Darkwave, and Newwave Cloudrap.
As for what influences me to do music it’s just always been an art that I was very fascinated with and felt a very strong unique connection to

like I’ve always felt that I can truly feel inside the music like on a level that where even if I can’t understand what is being said as a result of a language barrier or even just someone just simply not speaking clearly I can still really like the track and see the vibe in my head.

As for my favorite artists as well as some major influences I’d say that I’ve always really liked Blink 182, og Dance Gavin Dance and Taking Back Sunday and From First To Last, “Drop Dead, Gorgeous”, The Postal Service, Boys Night Out, Circa Survive, Saosin, a few other bands, og Asap Rocky and Yung Lean, Lil B’s Cooking Music, Black Kray, Kitty Pryde, Mac Demarco, Pogo, Drake, Lil Peep, Xxxtentacion, Videogame OSTs, and Anime Openings and Endings.

Listen to Haunted Trap House (Prod. ryanfucker) by ✨Ecchigodエッチ神✨ on #SoundCloud

As far as some accomplishments that I’m proud of I’d say that I’m proud of being able to get a few songs at 1k plays as well as some at 2k approaching 3k on SoundCloud so far and just how well that “Haunted Traphouse”, “Neptune Slut”, and “Twerk Like a Thot” have been doing so far statistics wise as well as them also being some of personal favorites as well.
Although there is definitely a couple other tracks I like quite a bit that I do feel personally get sleeped on but I trust that in time people will see what I’m talking about. I have also worked with a few other artists in the rare area of the based underground in which I reside and take interest in like Kirblagoop, Lil Bo Weep, Neiborhood Mink, Dari Loso, Shawty Gawd, and some others.

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