A new D3CADE!!

D3CADE is a brilliant and talented rapper from Oklahoma. His real name is Cade Henderson and he’s 26 years old. Cade was born with a birth defect called spinal bifida, which caused his spinal cord to grow out of his back. Cade’s mother was told that he’d never be able to walk or talk. Cade started walking when he was two years old and started talking before that. Cade’s lost his father to murder when he was just nine months old. And he uses leg braces to walk around. To say that Cade’s life has been hard would be an understatement. But that never stopped Cade in any way. Cade has always been a warrior and has always fought through whatever stood in his way. He has had a dream of becoming an outstanding musician, and has been working towards that dream since he was 13 years of age. Music means everything to Cade because that’s what he loses himself to in order to fight back and make things work. Cade’s talent lies in being able to put a beat to anything that he can imagine and then writing the lyrics to express himself. Cade’s music is reflective of the tough life that he’s led, so prepare to have your heart broken by this promising talent straight from Oklahoma.

Facebook- @D3cade instagram-@d3cade_580 Twitter & Snapchat- @D3CADE580 Soundcloud & Spotify- D3CADE

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