Big Chris in this *****

It’s ya boy Big Chris, Mr. FYL a.k.a. Mr. 100, soon to be known as Chef Chris. I was born and raised in Detroit, MI, the eastside to be specific, but known for being good wherever I go. I fell in love with music at a very young age, sitting in front of the tv watching music videos and making my own lyrics to instrumentals. From the age of 14 until today (age 28), I’ve played with this passion for music, taking it seriously now more than ever. With my truth-telling rap style I successfully dropped my Tripolar EP in July 2020. This seven-track project is a perfect representation of the craziness 2020 has entailed. This EP has a diverse subject matter from police shootings, Covid-19, politics down to #BLM and what it’s like to be black in America in 2020.

The stand out tracks for this project is the “Intro-Tripolar Bears”, this track sets the tone for the whole EP; “BYOW”, the catchy weed single; “Taxes”, the groovy and fun track; and “Ventin Pt. 1’”, which happens to be one of my most personal tracks to date and serves as the “Outro” for this unique project. I’m already in the process of working on my follow-up EP #BNS (Big Nigga Season), which I plan to release early 2021.

Ig @mrfranklin48205



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