Alpha Grantz

Alpha Grantz born as William Brendan Schetter August 3, 1992 in Libertyville,IL but shortly 5 years later moved to New Orleans, La Growing up his elementary and start of middle school days. That was until 2005 when Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans causing a evacuation to Dallas, Tx sleeping that Sunday night in the back of his 2004 Ford Ranger til the storm blows over and what we thought go home but nope. AG and his family found out they couldn’t go back anytime soon so they drove up to where they knew they had family and had a place to stay up in Illinois/Wisconsin Area.

Where they ended up staying and getting free rent for 2 years in a small town McHenry,IL where AG stayed for 3 years starting his music career which was influenced by Greg Laflamme aka BabyBoi LaFlare then moving more towards the Wisconsin border living there continuing music with more artists and eventually at age 22 moving back to The South New Orleans growing his career more and more! Now 28 Bigger and Better than ever 2 Album released and more to come! This is only the start!

Ig @alphagrantz

Twitter @AlphaGrantz504

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