Assamese Indian rapper and producer HBB Kaio rides enchanting emo trap beats with his soulful sing-rap flow, crafting a heartbreaking but at the same time, comforting blend that draws upon styles similar to artists such as Lil Peep, Lil Tracy, Juice wrld, XXX Tentacion and Gab3. He’s garnered a following and a decent amount of listeners in a span of a month with his evocative lyrics and melodies, often issued in sorrowful serenades just as commonly as they are heard in whiny pop-punk deliveries.HBB Kaio employs his seemingly limitless vocal range and draws from his vast array of influences in metal, pop-punk, and hip-hop to create genre-blending music. Born Karnav Kashyap in Assam, as a youth, he played in various garage and hardrock bands as a Lead Guitarist, often as the Lead Vocalist as well. Becoming increasingly drawn to the sound of GothBoiClique, Boyfriendz, and others’ avant-garde approach to hip-hop. He eventually decided to start his own solo project: HBB Kaio. He started rapping and singing in early 2019, releasing various singles with local Indian artists. Two years later, he released his debut ep, containing released his biggest single till date, “Belle Delphine”, the music video for which sits at around 8k plays on his YouTube channel, HBB Kaio aspires to release an album very soon and create more art for his listeners while enlarging his fan base in the years to come.

Links to Music:
Spotify :

Youtube :
Apple Music:
Amazon Music:

Links to Social Media :
Instagram :

• Singles:

• EP: Angel Timing (2021)

Reloop newtworks: Somad Experience ‘
At Underdogs (Guwahati)

Urban Youth Nation: Vocal for local
At Urban Mantra (Six Mile)

Café Hendrix Associations: Weekend bash
At Café Hendrix (Guwahati)

Clubs/Associated Promoters:
• Reloop Networks (India)
• Café Felix (Bangalore)
• Underdogs (Guwahati)
• Urban Mantra (Guwahati)
• Café Hendrix (Guwahati)

Performances with other renowned artists:
• Roy Soulchild (Black Triangle Entertainement)
• JNineSever (Broke Boi Mafia)
• Rocky Glock (Guwahati)
• DJ GhxstNxte (Guwahati)
• DJ Vwish (Guwahati)

rapper name : HBB Kaio
real name : Karnav Kashyap
cell : +91 9741341189
email :
address : House no. 19, Narengi Housing Colony, Guwahati 26

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