Casanova Da God

What’s good I go by Casanova Da God, King Skrilla straight out of Gainesville Ga. Out Tha Road stand up baby. Tulip Dr, Garden Rd. We here baby we got now, we don’t care who got next! But been doing music since 14, really got into it around my mid 20s. But real spill music is my savior. Pound for pound literally I’m the most lyrically inclined you’ve heard in a while. I’m from Georgia, but my music is not typical “Atlanta” I’ve always been a fan of boom bap and Brooklyn/Queens/Harlem (Basically anything from up top) Shout to Shirley Ave, Ruff Buff 770 to 716 family. All love. But yeah…. you just awakened rap’s Hannibal Lecter….. Lyrical Cannibalism…. eating rappers for dinner…

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