Teddy Benson

San Diego born artist “Teddy Benson” coming off the success of his latest release “Sessions” is known for his heart felt and heavy hitting lyrics, a hustle that never stops and a style of his own. Coming up just like many do in southeast where gang culture and drugs is prevalent he was surrounded by choices daily. But instead of getting stuck in the gang life teddy was able to blend the streets and the books. Something that you can hear every step of the way through his music. Ask Teddy why he does it, and every time he’ll respond “God sent the messengers to tell me,I was born to be a prophet. And I’m answering the call. My fans are my flock and it’s my job to feed their spirit’s” In a world missing motivation to vibrate purely, Teddy is the drum creating a new note. Dive into his music anywhere you can type in the name, and in his words “Feel The Vibe & Hear The Separation”


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