3rd Side Slim

Rapper and entrepreneur 3rd Side Slim is an artist who treats his career like a business. The Florida rapper is the CEO of his own record company 3rd Side Records. Tired of reaching out to mainstream record labels, the 386 native got his own label off the ground and will be 1 day picking up new artists. Very in tune to social injustices, he is big on making a wave for himself to stand on his own two feet. The diligent lyrical MC brings an authentic attitude to the music industry and his style cannot be compared to anyone else.

With no help from a major label the independent artist has accomplished milestones on his own including four mixtapes, five albums, several singles, three with major artists, over twenty professional videos, his own clothing collection, and a growing buzz to his brand. 3rd Side Slim is a walking goldmine and record labels would be easily gaining success off what he can bring to the table.




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