DurtGangRallo Was Born & Raised In Fresno Ca, Where He Resides From The Westside Area. His Music Pertains To His Everyday Struggles In Fresno Ca. Such As Gang Wars, Poverty, & The Loss Of His Good Friend Justin Acosta “Baby Krazoe”. His Career Recently Took An Impact With His Latest Hit “Sweet Lady Remix” Featuring Willie Mac That Sky Rocketed On YouTube With Over 94k Views On YouTube & Over a Quarter Million Plays On SoundCloud. L.A’s Public Figure “03 Greedo” Who Was Incarcerated In June Of 2018 Vouched For The Single Stating “There Is No Sweet Lady Challenge But This Is Hard Af”.. DurtGangRallo Continues To Drop & Work On His Next Up & Coming Ep. “KountryBoyKrazy” Pt.2 Featuring Willie Mac , Yfn Santana & Many More…


IG : @durtgangrallo


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