Phil Thrill

Phil Thrill’s primary inspiration was always the beats of the west coast rap that fired up his dreams and imagination as a young boy. Born in Compton, California, Phil moved to the Inland Empire Suburbs of Ontario, CA. shortly after the LA riots, and life started grand with big promises and courageous goals.

Phil was successfully nurturing a career as an athlete and just got a fresh scholarship offer for Arizona State University in track and field. The future looked good and school was a powerful muse, inspiring Phil to write the first songs telling intricate stories of his everyday challenges and his friends.
Becoming a single father changed it all overnight and pushed Phil to drop out of school to find work and raise his newborn son.
Life was tough, restless, and active for a while. Phil and his son relocated to a few different states to pursue different career opportunities until finally settling in Dallas, Texas where it felt kind of like home.
All this while, music never left his heart, his mind still thinking of lyrics, beats, and tunes, but never having the time to jot them down and follow his true passion.
The love for music was rekindled and a foundation for creation was again established, surprisingly or not, in his new family life. After meeting the love of his life, Phil took his role as a dad of 3 kids, musician, and devoted husband seriously. He found the energy and time to dive deeper than ever into his music every night, ready to create, express, and share.
With more life experience than ever and a fresh perspective on things, Phil is now finding endless inspiration and infusing his songs and lyrics with emotion, soul, and wisdom, mixing west coast rap beats with new genres and bold styles.


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