BiG YanK Maane

Steven Darnell Williams Jr aka BiG YanK Maane
From a. Place where the game and the grind don’t stop
One of the new era hyphy and game spittas coming out of Fresno California
Big stage stealer
Big crowd controller
Big motivator
Drop over 16 project in one year in 2021 on all platforms did over 50 shows and etc. before he got shot in November 20th 2021
10 shots later and a year he’s back and healing and ready to come back for his and show the world that’s the real is still alive he the new 2pac and 50 cent. His new project HardBodiWalka comes out Christmas Day 2022

My Facebook: yankaveli williams Jr
My ig: realtankaveli
My snap: dalifeofyank


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