Alias: Avery Callahan

Artist Name: Rnbkingavery

I was born in Huntsville Tx, raised in Trinity Tx. I graduated from Trinity High school and afterwards started pursuing my music career. I started singing when I was 5 years of age from what my mom told me who’s actually one of my biggest inspirations to do music. My mom was a gospel singer and also a member of a gospel group. They’d often practice together and I’d join them, so that was a huge boost for me becoming who I am today. As I got older I started taking a liking to R&B music and often song R&B music at talent shows. I was inspired by groups and artists such as Jodeci, H-Town, Silk, r-kelly jagged Edge etc.

I started writing music at 12 and it’s been history ever since. I’ve had the pleasure of writing and working with a lot of great artists in the past/present and I know without a doubt the future will be even better. I know being in the music industry is a constant grind, but I’m built for it.. P.S tell’em if they looking for me I’m out here taking music to another level.


Cause Im Tha Underground R&B King

IG: @rnbkingavery

FB: Avery Callahan

Sincerely yours: Rnbkingavery


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