Listen to ☢NUCLEAR ANXIETY☣ (PROD. BY PENACHO) SURVIVED THE FALLOUT by 808POLAR on #SoundCloudhttps://soundcloud.com/808polar2/nuclearanxiety Alex Void, known Professionally as 808POLAR, is a Alternative Rap and Darkwave music artist, model, writer and engineer from Cincinnati, Ohio. He is one of the best underground talents for the past 5 years and was a member of, Amerikkklan (small... Continue Reading →

Chilling with Ecchigod

Listen to Neptune Slut (Prod. Go get the roach) by ✨Ecchigodエッチ神✨ on #SoundCloudhttps://soundcloud.com/xxanithxx/neptune-slut-prod-go-get-the-roach I see myself as Ecchigod (also reffered to as Anith Senpai); a very versatile based artist that specializes in Vaporpunk, Darkwave, and Newwave Cloudrap.As for what influences me to do music it’s just always been an art that I was very fascinated... Continue Reading →

It’s Cyber Terra

Cyb3r Terra Cyb3r Terra is an American born Electro Punk Rock artist from Austin, TX. Cyb3r doesn’t live under restrictions both musically and personally. Brought into this world mixed with Caucasian and African American roots, identifying as Non-Binary and having an eclectic pallet of music, its transparent that Cyb3r does not allow societal barriers to... Continue Reading →

Run it up Jeice

I go by Jeice. Originally from New Orleans but moved to Va due to hurricane Katrina. Ive always been into music playing drums in elementary and middle school. But when i moved out to VA I was stayin in an apartment so i picked up guitar and rapping with some homies from school. Im currently... Continue Reading →

Gloomy Xay

I interviewed Gloomy Xay and he gave me a short bio I’m just a punk kid doing what I love.. Tryna speak my message and hoping people love what I have to say.. I was born in Oregon grew up in Massachusetts was in foster care most of my life and that’s one of the... Continue Reading →

Cy-pher on the grind

Cy-pher is a female rap duo hailing from the birth place where hip hop began, the bronx. Both storytellers who grew up on 90s hip hop, with a passion for music and a style and flow like no other they stand out from the rest. Lady jay has the more laid back get her point... Continue Reading →

It’s the Trap Mama Herself..

Janiece Bell also Known as Pharaoh Uchiha is a Anime trap Conscious rapper from Houston, Texas. Using a hint of anime aspsects and street/trap scenery she has worked to create a very rare genre, perhaps first of its kind. Her influences include: Andre 3000 (who she openly suggests as her favorite rapper), Eminem, Kid Cudi,... Continue Reading →

Blâck Deüs checks in

Bio: My name is Kamari, also known as Kam or Blâck Deüs. I’m a goth/punk artist and fashion guy who aims to eliminate gender stereotypes and tries to help with depression. Ultimately, I want to help the sad people in this world through my small organization: “Sad Bois Incorporated” Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Blak_deus/?family_bridges_funnel_id=EAzqmfmyCcj6vAOL&family_bridges_source_surface=fb_profile Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/christmastree.head.3 Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/user/popcorn71915 WORTHLĒSS... Continue Reading →

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