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Cruzer has an announcement to make

This is an exclusive breaking news brought to your here first by Imani News. Super Producers Cruzer Urameshi & Justin Jagoon are working on a collaboration tape called Judgment.Justin Jagoon is an extremely talented producer coming from the U.K with a very unique & distinctive sound like no one out there.Justin will be working alongside... Continue Reading →

It’s C.Lark

Small town artist with big city dreams, C.Lark started to study music back in 2009. A 90's baby brought up on Motown and the Allman Brothers brings an original style and flow that can only be found in the Garden City of Augusta, Ga. What started as freestyles with comrads has turned into a serious... Continue Reading →

Enter the mind of D๐Ÿ’€n Deada

Exist Which is more important, to simply exist or to live through your true essence? The part of you that holds your passion and true power to make changes not only in yourself but to the world! In Exist Don Deada questions the nature of our mind states and teases the ultimate question - What... Continue Reading →

One Take Shawty

I'm Dustin Johnson I've been writing lyrics since I was 6 just messing around. Been rappin for about 4 years, and just dropped my first song limbo December 10th, 2018. It's been my dream to make music my whole life and know that I'm making songs and people are listening it's the greatest feeling in... Continue Reading →

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