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Entity 666

Satanist and occultist from snug harbor North Carolina, a place so desolate you drive past the pigs and cows before you get to any civilization. Raised on rock and heavy metal entity666 started playing various forms of heavy metal at the age of 12 on guitar. And as he grew older his music grew Wilder... Continue Reading →

Cy-pher on the grind

Cy-pher is a female rap duo hailing from the birth place where hip hop began, the bronx. Both storytellers who grew up on 90s hip hop, with a passion for music and a style and flow like no other they stand out from the rest. Lady jay has the more laid back get her point... Continue Reading →

The Batch in Yo City

The Batch is a Hip Hop/Rap group of 3 MCs coming from La Habra, California which is located in Southern California The Group consist of Danny Boy, Crazd, & Prophecy Been Rapping Since they were in High School back In 2013 But originally the group had 6 members which included @verage Joe, Abec And infamous... Continue Reading →

Crux Mottolo checks in

I was lucky enough to be a teen in the mid to late 90's when rap was at it's best imho, and just became obsessed with that raw underground hip hop to the point that I knew I had to represent it somehow, rapping became a small hobby until I got introduced to other emcees... Continue Reading →

fm haivala

My name is FM Haivala (Have-Uh-Luh). I'm a new artist from the Del City/Midwest City area of Oklahoma, and I am trying something COMPLETELY different; so far the response has been well. I make what I like to call "Guttural Hip-Hop", a fusion of Hip-Hop and Death Metal where the emceeing is done with Guttural... Continue Reading →

Jvades did it all on his own

From the 818 valley. Mission Hills california. been doing music since i was 13 started with guitar been a guitarist for 10 years now. Now i just produce beats and rap blah blah blah

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