Happy Birthday Yung BadNewz

Sibusiso Shongwe is my real name but Yung BadNewz is my stage name I was born on 17/11/1998.My country is ESwatini around Siphofaneni town. 2017 I started recording music with nobody's help. I have been consistent with my music by dropping "Way up" track.I unleash my first project titled 'Family Blood' Extended Play I was... Continue Reading →

1shot spitune

Rapping before social media. Once I caught on the digital mix, my team created a Hip Hop podcasts in 2011. At that time, running a 24 hour studio with Million Dolla Manny, partner and engineer we learned a lot the hard way. I had experiences of freestyling with Inspectah Deck, rocking the stage before Nitti... Continue Reading →

A moment with Regena

I had a moment to get some info from regena and this what I got. I'm a independent r&b artist from fayetteville NC. I started singing at the age of 6. I've recently opened up a show for Pleasure P from the boy group "Pretty Ricki" I have the gift of writing and freestyling songs..... Continue Reading →

Morley checks in

A Rapper From Brandon Manitoba, Canada. Born August 11th, 1997. Sloan Morley, Began his rapping debut in 2015 under the name DaykoN, after much trial and tribulation he was incarcerated for a year and upon emerging he was under the stage name ``Morley``. His new album ``Just Vibes`` is soon to be his first commercial... Continue Reading →

Artist Profile Deviants

Ian Noble Dakota Blanchard Bio Two kids with a mission to spread love, positivity, and relateable content to the world through music. Our biggest inspiration for Deviants has been Lil Peep and Nothing Nowhere. Growing up Dakota and Myself always have had a passion for music, and one day we decided it was time to... Continue Reading →

Exclusive!! TrapboyHEZE

Song call F××ckin yo B××ch in da trap he 17 just starting out @heze so freshhttps://youtu.be/oZVbtrbSpKwFb Heze So folishYeah add this #666tf666tm GET familiar follow on IG @843_supreme_tha_chosen_1#music #genre #song #songs #socialenvy #PleaseForgiveMe #melody #hiphop #love #rap #Rarriwho #weherenowgetusetoit #beat #beats #jam #myjam #party #partymusic #newsong #lovethissong #remix #supremewho #favoritesong #youhadtobetheretobeliveit

I bring you Levi DaRosa

Levi DaRosa, international singer-songwriter and entertainer could very well be the missing ingredient in what we know as modern R&B. Her sultry smooth vibe is nostalgic of 90's classics such as a few of the records found on her debut EP "Memoirs of a Goddess" released in July of 2018 since she was a little... Continue Reading →

Lil Zeek put in the work

Wanna thank evryone whos been griding wit me since day 1 Nvo shit memories mixtape coming soon always working hard can't nothing stop me name follow me on insta @aogzeekListen to Deep OuT Heaa Zeekmixx by Lilzeek #np on #SoundCloudhttps://soundcloud.com/zeekwoods/deep-out-heaa-zeekmixxhttps://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=325969204855989&id=100023287354471Fuck with lil Zeek ..

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